May 9, 2024

MARI Magazines

Misdiagnosis Association and Research institute

At MARI Magazines, we build on MARI’s goal to decrease errors of medicine through distributing knowledge. The most important advances in any field have resulted from the collaborative effort of dedicated teams who strive to make a change. Our collaborators are leaders in their field and dedicated activists who want to see healthcare change. 

MARI Magazines accepts submissions year-round addressing any topic related to needs, barriers, experiences, and relevant solutions to modern healthcare challenges. Some possible topics include:

MARI Magazines is independent of any organization, company, or institution and will not publish work that promotes any product, ideology, or practice. We do, however, welcome submissions from members of patient advocacy groups, businesses, and other organizations or institutions so long as the group, company, or organization is not the major topic of the final submission.

All submissions should be unpublished, original work.

All submissions should include a document with the following information: 

Submission Guidelines – Written Work

Submission Guidelines – Photo Essays

Email us at [email protected] for any inquiries about submitting or pitching your work. We will be happy to work with you to ensure you have all the material necessary to successfully publish with us.